Hello world!

Hello All! Welcome to our blog- thanks for stopping by. So, I’m not really sure how I should start this off so this first post is just about us and what our blog is all about.


Well- I am a college student, I work full time at a gift shop in my local mall, I’m married to a very darling guy and we  want to start and live on a homestead one day. It is our life goal, i guess you could say. I also love ballet and want to dance professionally at some point in my life.

We love traveling being outdoors and gardening. We also both love animals of all kinds. AND MOST OF ALL WE LOVE JESUS!!!:]

We started blogging to share our ideas and creations and photos from travels etc. for  anyone who cares. We like to make things, and create new ways to do things. So keep looking back as we will post things as we do them :]

So… yeah we will be posting something a bit more relevent in the next few days… so stay tuned ;]

and in the mean time this is a picture of our kittens. like i said we love animals and these are our babies. Nala and Bonsai ❤

My darlings ❤

 have a blessed day and thanks for reading!



About rzbicreation

A little about me.... First and most importantly, I love Jesus! iI am married to my "high school sweetheart", whom I love dearly. I love animals. I want to run a self-sufficiant homestead when I "grow up." I am a ballet dancer, I love ballet and spend most of my time dancing. I love traveling and doing new things. This is my blog. Just my thoughts and adventures recorded, for no particular reason.

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