And the [Fosse] beat goes on.

Check out this video of a performance I was in in April of 2011. Just came across it on youtube and am very excited to get to watch it, had to share! Normally a ballet dancer but I absolutely LOVE Bob Fosse! It was a true blessing to be a part of this piece, lots of fun. I am the pale girl on the right end. Also the one with the leg up on the scaffolding. Choreography credits go to the talented Kelly Murdock.

Happy Birthday


SO this weekend is my hubby’s 20th birthday ! He is leaving teenager-dom. Pretty weird! He has been a teenager for 9 years! but in any case I’m trying to think of a cool b-day cake to make for him and wanted to show off the one I made last year! I am not very gifted in this area so I’m pretty happy with it . But Hopefully this years ill be much cooler. We shall see. Until then, Check it Sponge Bob Square Pants homemade Birthday Cake! ( even made the icing and cake from scratch.. oh yeah!)

19 candles



❤ So yes I will be posting of this years cake (if it goes good, fingers crossed)shortly.

So until next time, I leave you photos of kittens, because everyone’s gotta love a kitty in a sweater. ❤




Wedding Sample #1


As promised, I got some sample pictures from my wedding planning experience! These photos are from my own wedding from May 2011. Ill be posting some photos of other events I, or we, have planned as I come across them.

From Cake to flowers to make-up and hair we did it all for cheap! I made my invitations, centerpieces, decorations, flower arrangements/bouquets,  my Husbands very talented Grandmother made the cake ( She is amazing, Leslie Jollie, look her up!), Golden Corral Catered (we have catered other events personally, but wanted to give that stress to someone else on my own wedding day).   I was certainly a bride with a budget that I stayed well within.

Oh, and let’s not forget, the reception was in my parents old store WAREHOUSE! All of the pictures in this slideshow were in a shipping warehouse! I wish I had before and after photos but you’ll just have to use your imagination on this one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So, there you have it. From gross shipping warehouse to ballroom, within a broke students budget. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!  Let me know what you think! More photos of other events we’ve done are soon to come as well as info on the official start of our wedding buis.

Check back with us soon to see the newest happenings!

Until next time,

Peace out and God Bless!


We’re back!

Greetings Readers!

Well Its been a minute!! (or try half a year…) since my last post. Been some crazy times! Working on school and my dance training Ive not had much time for all else… but I’m making time! So- update. No longer work in the mall, worked my first JOB as a DANCER (for a children’s entertainment show) pretty awesome summer. Anyways I’m back in the game of crafting and creating.

So in conjunction with starting my Etsy site ( yes, i still have not really yet done this BUT I now have a camera so it is on!) I, along with some business partners, are getting in the Wedding business! We’ve done a few weddings in the past as individuals, and as a team so we’ve decided to start our own wedding planning business! We do EVERYTHING from cake, to flowers, to catering, and everything in between! Going to be awesome I’ll keep you all posted as things progress there.

So. Within the next week(s) I’m going to be sharing some awesome DIY tutorials with you all and some other such fun things. So check back in with us soon!

In the mean time, check out some new photos of my loves Nala and Bonsai

I feel like if Nala had a Facebook, this would be her Picture :p

Also, Please welcome the newest addition to the family, Yolkerton (Yoko)
My darlings!! Well, thanks for stopping by, check back with us soon for some awesome stuff!

Peace and God Bless!

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