The Cruelty-free Lifestyle

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One of the many wonderful things that make Rocktober so rockin’: It’s Vegetarian/ Vegan awareness month! While it may seem silly to some, I think it is awesome that there is a month dedicated to animal activism.

Vegans and Vegetarians often get stereotyped as being “tree hugging” hippies that think animals have equal rights as people. I have met these types of people, and I am not downing on this belief, but they only comprise a small group of us. Some, like myself, believe in living a ‘cruelty-free lifestyle’.

In my opinion, if you do not have respect for the animal you are eating, it is not right to eat it. If you go out and hunt a wild animal, humanely ( as in shoot it once in a kill spot like the head, not shoot a few times in various places and let it bleed out, as many hunters will do) and respect that animal as a living creature created by God, I see no problem in eating it. In today’s society this is not generally how one would consume meat though. We instead would probably would go to McDonald’s  or Wall Mart to ultimately purchase meat from a mass producing industrial farm. Most people never fully process the fact that what they are eating used to be alive. They wouldn’t think twice of how that animals life was, as busy people in the 21st century we think: food, eat, moving on. But we as citizens of the earth need to take a step back and realize the horror we have been supporting. The animals used in the meat sold to the general public spend there lives in inhumane living conditions, and are slaughtered in an absolutely horrendous manner.

It honestly sickens me to my core to think about the horror that the unfortunate animals must endure for ‘us’ to have food. There is NO respect in this method of slaughter. These companies that sell you, as in the general public, meat are only focused on monetary gain. They have no respect for life. They prove this this by pumping animals with hormones and antibiotics that should not be consumed by humans, or any life for that matter.

My husband and I had a few chickens at one point. They free ranged in our back yard and we had the luxury of eating the eggs they laid. When one of the chicks grew up, it turned out to be a rooster. My husband decided to kill him and cook him for diner. To me this is the most respectful way to eat meat. He was free ranged and had a good little rooster life. Every living thing dies, it is the circle of life and I am by no means saying it is wrong to eat meat. I also by no means am saying that animals and humans are equal. The bible says that we are different, we were made in His image and we walk with Him. But in the same respect, we were all given the privilege to live on this planet and to live on it peacefully , and who are we to deprive animals of that blessing? We should have the respect and compassion our ancestors had to hunt without cruelty. Animals Deserve a humane life and a humane death, which is not what they get in today’s world. The corruption of this industry is much like that of most all others in this world, and I for one will NOT support it!

So, yes that is my rant. It is my hope that someone, somewhere might decide to join me in living a cruelty-free lifestyle.

For those of you who don’t want to , for whatever reason. give up meat entirely check out this article which list eight of the cruelest foods that millions of people consume daily.

And if you are interested in joining the many people who are choosing to not support cruelty check out these websites. Veg or not I think it is important for EVERYONE to know what is going into your food. If it is to gross or sad for you then you should not support it because it is real and will never stop if no one does anything!

**While I do not fully agree with the PETA group and their beliefs, they are entitled to their opinion and I support and respect them as people and part of the vegan community!**

Peace Out!


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A little about me.... First and most importantly, I love Jesus! iI am married to my "high school sweetheart", whom I love dearly. I love animals. I want to run a self-sufficiant homestead when I "grow up." I am a ballet dancer, I love ballet and spend most of my time dancing. I love traveling and doing new things. This is my blog. Just my thoughts and adventures recorded, for no particular reason.

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