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Well, today was my last performance of Nutcracker for the year and I must say, it went fabulous. It is always such a great feeling to be on stage, it reminds me why I dance, makes all the hours of hard training so worth it. It feels so good to be finished working on Nutcracker for the year. We have the week off for Thanksgiving, to get fat and recharge before we start working on the next performance. It’s a long awaited, much needed, break from everything dance. Not dancing reminds me of how much my body needs it and I always have more passion to dance when I return.

I am very excited to see the pictures from the show I know they will be awesome. I will be posting them in the next few days hopefully.

Until then I thought I’d share some more Oregon photos. With the anticipation of the upcoming trip, I’ve been looking for all my old photos on memory cards and such and I found some more that I had to post. I am so excited to go back in a couple of weeks! Hope you enjoy!

Snow man is doing ballet third position!

Peace Out!


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A little about me.... First and most importantly, I love Jesus! iI am married to my "high school sweetheart", whom I love dearly. I love animals. I want to run a self-sufficiant homestead when I "grow up." I am a ballet dancer, I love ballet and spend most of my time dancing. I love traveling and doing new things. This is my blog. Just my thoughts and adventures recorded, for no particular reason.

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