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So, I just wanted to make a real quick post today to ask you all to go like my Facebook page for RZBIcreation!  Like my page to receive exclusive coupons, updates, and participate in giveaways!  It will only take a moment and I would greatly appreciate it!

I have been knit knit knitting away so I should have lots of new products up soon!


&& of coarse must share the most recent kitten photo…Check out Bonsai just a chillin on the door..so sweet:]


Peace & God Bless


Uplifting words, break danceing bears, and crafts.

Greetings !

First off, I want to share this awesome song with my followers. I know that I am not the only one who could use some uplifting words and thoughts right now. So I want to share this song because it is one of my favorites and such a good and comforting reminder that we have Jesus and do not have to face ANYTHING on our own!

I had no idea when looking for this song on YouTube that the video would be so rad. So the 3 and a half minutes of a giant bear break dancing to the song, is just a really odd, but freakin’ awesome, bonus.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that.

I also quickly wanted to share my most recent craft project! As I mentioned in my last post, I have been trying to make a new craft project every other day. It has been going decently. I have had no time at all but I’ve been attempting to take a moment every day to make a new post, or knit, or paint, or SOMETHING. I need that down time, keeps me ‘sane’. So please take a look at my two most recent knitting projects. I made this yellow knit hair bow and the green and grey double knitted scarf this week for Christmas presents. You can puchase your own on my site. Let me know what you think!






And, of coarse, I can not resist posting a kitty photo. They are just so darn cute. Check out Bonsai, she loves boxes and has been very happy with the move. If she had things her way we would all just live out of boxes.

Kitten in a box

Kitten in a box



So, until next time,

Peace Out & God Bless!


Greetings Readers!

I apologize, it has been a minute since my last post. I have had quite the crazy time lately. With my 2 recent spontaneous road trips in the last week, and the fact that I have about 2 weeks  to move into a new place that I have yet to find, with money I have yet to make, I’d say things have been far from boring for me lately.

In my attempts to make said money to get a new apartment, and provide the world with awesome stuff (ha) I wanted to share my Etsy shop with my lovely followers. Now that I finally have a camera and means to run my site I am posting my projects very frequently.

There isn’t much up as of now. With the chaos which is my life, i have had a hard time finding a chance to make new posts as often as I’d like, but it’s at a good start. Its been my goal for the month of December to make a new craft or art project every other day. So far I have been mildly successful. With all the crazy in my world right now taken into account, I’d say i’m keeping up pretty damn good.

So, I ask all you faithful readers to please take a moment and check out my etsy site. It may not be much now but I have been making and posting new creations DAILY so keep checking back.

If you like it, I ask you to share it with your friends and followers. It will help this broke kid out more than you know!!

So everyone, I hope you check it out and share.


Peace & God Bless!

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