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This always makes me so happy when I feel blue…Put a banana in your EAR!


I hope the new year is has been kind to everyone thus far. I have spent just about every waking moment in the studio since we returned from the winter holidays. Or so it feels that way. Gotta love it! Anywho, just thought I would make a general update to all my lovely followers, and family who check in on me every so often via this blog.

So, where to start….hm…

Well, at the beginning of the month I auditioned to be in a new dance movie called East Side Story (think of a modern day version of West Side Story) and I made it! Just as a background dancer, but still it is such a great opportunity and will be a great addition to my resume. I don’t have too much info right now but I’ll keep updating everyone as things progress. I am very excited though to work with such well known dancers and actors . If you want to see some more info about the movie check out their facebook page “East Side Story The Movie.”

Another great thing has happened for my career as well. I was asked to me a dancer in a new music video! I can not say to much about this because until the artists song is copy-written we cannot share to much info about it. I can say though that it is an honor to have been invited to work with such talent and it’s yet another great resume addition for me. Things are starting to progress quite rapidly with this so hopefully I can share the video with you all very soon.

My career seems to finally be taking off and I am very excited to see where my path leads from here.


So, I had to save the best news for last………..




I got a new kitten. Because you know, 3 dogs and 2 cats was just not enough. ha. She is so cuuuuutee!!!!! Her name is Topanga, and I am in love. I must now flood you all with some sweet pictures of her. And of coarse I must throw some pictures of my sweet baby Yoko because she is just so photogenic and adorable…I just can’t help it!Image



ImageSo, there ya have it. Life has been good to me. And as always I hope the same for you, dear reader.

Peace Out & God Bless!!

West coast photos and holiday greetings


I hope the holidays are treating you well. For me, the holidays have been quite the adventure so far. Christmas was one blurry day of festivities. Rushing from one family event to the next. It was a fun day. The day after christmas we headed west to visit my family in oregon. Very exciting. But first we had to swiftly move out of our clutter filled apartment. It was a very long night. The longest I’ve had in a while. It was really a ridiculous situation, only us, the queen and king of procrastination, could wait until the night before we must be out of a house to move. But the important thing is that we got it done. So, after the long evening we headed to the airport, where the real ridiculousness began.
We went through the security check point, and of coarse literally every bag we had had to be unpacked, and repacked by a TSA agent for whatever reason. We then took two flights ending in salt lake city where we were scheduled to make over last connection flight. But of coarse things could not be that simple. We missed our flight and had to stay in salt lake city. Not a huge deal but it took 2 hours of dealing with random personnel to get things worked back out. So the following day we took 2 more flights, and had to go through security again – at each airport, where of corse our bags were unpacked and repacked once again. So, after our long two day “adventure” we finaly arrived here in oregon.

And it is absolutely beautiful!! The crazyness was so worth it. Now I am sitting here using my mom s iPad ,which is super cool, to make this post as I enjoy some brew with my husband, and play Mario with my awesome niece and nephews. Life is very good.

Anyways, i have yet to take a good amount of pictures like i wanted to, but i at least want to share a few pictures from the trip so far… I hope you enjoy !

&& I am always taking photos so If you want to see some more from my travels follow me on instagram @jollirancher

Have a happy and safe new years everyone.
Peace and God bless !!






RZBIcreation to Facebook


So, I just wanted to make a real quick post today to ask you all to go like my Facebook page for RZBIcreation!  Like my page to receive exclusive coupons, updates, and participate in giveaways!  It will only take a moment and I would greatly appreciate it!

I have been knit knit knitting away so I should have lots of new products up soon!

&& of coarse must share the most recent kitten photo…Check out Bonsai just a chillin on the sweet:]


Peace & God Bless


Uplifting words, break danceing bears, and crafts.

Greetings !

First off, I want to share this awesome song with my followers. I know that I am not the only one who could use some uplifting words and thoughts right now. So I want to share this song because it is one of my favorites and such a good and comforting reminder that we have Jesus and do not have to face ANYTHING on our own!

I had no idea when looking for this song on YouTube that the video would be so rad. So the 3 and a half minutes of a giant bear break dancing to the song, is just a really odd, but freakin’ awesome, bonus.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that.

I also quickly wanted to share my most recent craft project! As I mentioned in my last post, I have been trying to make a new craft project every other day. It has been going decently. I have had no time at all but I’ve been attempting to take a moment every day to make a new post, or knit, or paint, or SOMETHING. I need that down time, keeps me ‘sane’. So please take a look at my two most recent knitting projects. I made this yellow knit hair bow and the green and grey double knitted scarf this week for Christmas presents. You can puchase your own on my site. Let me know what you think!





And, of coarse, I can not resist posting a kitty photo. They are just so darn cute. Check out Bonsai, she loves boxes and has been very happy with the move. If she had things her way we would all just live out of boxes.

Kitten in a box

Kitten in a box



So, until next time,

Peace Out & God Bless!

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