A trip to paradise

Greetings Alll!

**Super quick post as I am on my parents work PC- but I wanted to do an update.**

Check out what I’m doing this Spring Break! It has been such a BLESSING to have some free time this week! My hubby and I ┬ádecided to bring his siblings and some kids from the youth group out to the beach to visit my parentals. We are only here for two days but it has been awesome!!! I hope you enjoy the photos of my parents BACKYARD! Livin’ in Florida┬ádefinitely┬áhas it’s perks.;]

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Oh and also for those of you who keep up with my goings-ons, I do believe my audition went pretty well. I will find out soon and I am so eager. It was truely a great experience if nothing else.

Peace Out & God Bless!!!

West coast photos and holiday greetings


I hope the holidays are treating you well. For me, the holidays have been quite the adventure so far. Christmas was one blurry day of festivities. Rushing from one family event to the next. It was a fun day. The day after christmas we headed west to visit my family in oregon. Very exciting. But first we had to swiftly move out of our clutter filled apartment. It was a very long night. The longest I’ve had in a while. It was really a ridiculous situation, only us, the queen and king of procrastination, could wait until the night before we must be out of a house to move. But the important thing is that we got it done. So, after the long evening we headed to the airport, where the real ridiculousness began.
We went through the security check point, and of coarse literally every bag we had had to be unpacked, and repacked by a TSA agent for whatever reason. We then took two flights ending in salt lake city where we were scheduled to make over last connection flight. But of coarse things could not be that simple. We missed our flight and had to stay in salt lake city. Not a huge deal but it took 2 hours of dealing with random personnel to get things worked back out. So the following day we took 2 more flights, and had to go through security again – at each airport, where of corse our bags were unpacked and repacked once again. So, after our long two day “adventure” we finaly arrived here in oregon.

And it is absolutely beautiful!! The crazyness was so worth it. Now I am sitting here using my mom s iPad ,which is super cool, to make this post as I enjoy some brew with my husband, and play Mario with my awesome niece and nephews. Life is very good.

Anyways, i have yet to take a good amount of pictures like i wanted to, but i at least want to share a few pictures from the trip so far… I hope you enjoy !

&& I am always taking photos so If you want to see some more from my travels follow me on instagram @jollirancher

Have a happy and safe new years everyone.
Peace and God bless !!






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