Royal Ballet Live; Audition season is here


I have been so busy lately! With working 3 jobs, being in school full-time  and working on our upcoming performances I have been pretty crazy lately. But while I had the spare moment, I wanted to share this amazing video with everyone. I’m such a youtube junkie when it comes to ballet videos. It’s a problem. But this is absolutely brilliant. Discouragingly, brilliant.  It is a live recording of the royal ballet ( of where, I am unsure..) taking their daily ballet class.


Anyways, I am auditioning for a ballet company next week and I am so very nervous. I have never worked in a professional Ballet before so I am pretty intimidated. I have only an inkling of what I should expect. So, to all you more experienced  ballerinas out there, I ask you for your advice. What should I be expecting? How should I dress? What do I need to be sure I can do so that I don’t make a fool of myself? I have been pondering over these questions time and time again and I figure I should just put this out there. If any of my lovely readers can offer any sort of advice to me, I would very greatly appreciate it.

So untill next time,

Peace and God Bless!





Greetings Readers!

I apologize, it has been a minute since my last post. I have had quite the crazy time lately. With my 2 recent spontaneous road trips in the last week, and the fact that I have about 2 weeks  to move into a new place that I have yet to find, with money I have yet to make, I’d say things have been far from boring for me lately.

In my attempts to make said money to get a new apartment, and provide the world with awesome stuff (ha) I wanted to share my Etsy shop with my lovely followers. Now that I finally have a camera and means to run my site I am posting my projects very frequently.

There isn’t much up as of now. With the chaos which is my life, i have had a hard time finding a chance to make new posts as often as I’d like, but it’s at a good start. Its been my goal for the month of December to make a new craft or art project every other day. So far I have been mildly successful. With all the crazy in my world right now taken into account, I’d say i’m keeping up pretty damn good.

So, I ask all you faithful readers to please take a moment and check out my etsy site. It may not be much now but I have been making and posting new creations DAILY so keep checking back.

If you like it, I ask you to share it with your friends and followers. It will help this broke kid out more than you know!!

So everyone, I hope you check it out and share.

Peace & God Bless!

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