Royal Ballet Live; Audition season is here


I have been so busy lately! With working 3 jobs, being in school full-time  and working on our upcoming performances I have been pretty crazy lately. But while I had the spare moment, I wanted to share this amazing video with everyone. I’m such a youtube junkie when it comes to ballet videos. It’s a problem. But this is absolutely brilliant. Discouragingly, brilliant.  It is a live recording of the royal ballet ( of where, I am unsure..) taking their daily ballet class.


Anyways, I am auditioning for a ballet company next week and I am so very nervous. I have never worked in a professional Ballet before so I am pretty intimidated. I have only an inkling of what I should expect. So, to all you more experienced  ballerinas out there, I ask you for your advice. What should I be expecting? How should I dress? What do I need to be sure I can do so that I don’t make a fool of myself? I have been pondering over these questions time and time again and I figure I should just put this out there. If any of my lovely readers can offer any sort of advice to me, I would very greatly appreciate it.

So untill next time,

Peace and God Bless!





Greetings all

Just making a quick post today more for myself than anything else… Working on lots of choreography today and putting together some stuff for inspiration. I’ll most likely be updating this frequently for a while as I work on everything.  Enjoy..


I hope the new year is has been kind to everyone thus far. I have spent just about every waking moment in the studio since we returned from the winter holidays. Or so it feels that way. Gotta love it! Anywho, just thought I would make a general update to all my lovely followers, and family who check in on me every so often via this blog.

So, where to start….hm…

Well, at the beginning of the month I auditioned to be in a new dance movie called East Side Story (think of a modern day version of West Side Story) and I made it! Just as a background dancer, but still it is such a great opportunity and will be a great addition to my resume. I don’t have too much info right now but I’ll keep updating everyone as things progress. I am very excited though to work with such well known dancers and actors . If you want to see some more info about the movie check out their facebook page “East Side Story The Movie.”

Another great thing has happened for my career as well. I was asked to me a dancer in a new music video! I can not say to much about this because until the artists song is copy-written we cannot share to much info about it. I can say though that it is an honor to have been invited to work with such talent and it’s yet another great resume addition for me. Things are starting to progress quite rapidly with this so hopefully I can share the video with you all very soon.

My career seems to finally be taking off and I am very excited to see where my path leads from here.


So, I had to save the best news for last………..




I got a new kitten. Because you know, 3 dogs and 2 cats was just not enough. ha. She is so cuuuuutee!!!!! Her name is Topanga, and I am in love. I must now flood you all with some sweet pictures of her. And of coarse I must throw some pictures of my sweet baby Yoko because she is just so photogenic and adorable…I just can’t help it!Image



ImageSo, there ya have it. Life has been good to me. And as always I hope the same for you, dear reader.

Peace Out & God Bless!!

More Oregon


Well, today was my last performance of Nutcracker for the year and I must say, it went fabulous. It is always such a great feeling to be on stage, it reminds me why I dance, makes all the hours of hard training so worth it. It feels so good to be finished working on Nutcracker for the year. We have the week off for Thanksgiving, to get fat and recharge before we start working on the next performance. It’s a long awaited, much needed, break from everything dance. Not dancing reminds me of how much my body needs it and I always have more passion to dance when I return.

I am very excited to see the pictures from the show I know they will be awesome. I will be posting them in the next few days hopefully.

Until then I thought I’d share some more Oregon photos. With the anticipation of the upcoming trip, I’ve been looking for all my old photos on memory cards and such and I found some more that I had to post. I am so excited to go back in a couple of weeks! Hope you enjoy!

Snow man is doing ballet third position!

Peace Out!

And the [Fosse] beat goes on.

Check out this video of a performance I was in in April of 2011. Just came across it on youtube and am very excited to get to watch it, had to share! Normally a ballet dancer but I absolutely LOVE Bob Fosse! It was a true blessing to be a part of this piece, lots of fun. I am the pale girl on the right end. Also the one with the leg up on the scaffolding. Choreography credits go to the talented Kelly Murdock.

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